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“The successful development of the UK & European onshore energy industry is dependent not just on the existence and commercial production of natural gas from Unconventional Reservoir; instead a combination of the subsurface, land bank creation, repeatable development planning consents, environmental management, community relations and flawless operational execution will form the hallmarks of the successful licence operator”


The Energy challenges faced in the UK, Europe and Africa are significant and for a new generation the search is on for energy resources that can underpin the lives and industry we enjoy today and at the same time seek  to minimise the impact to the world we live in.


Crucially much of this future hydrocarbon energy resource is to be found in “unconventional” reservoir types and increasingly the resource is to be found onshore, close to communities. This interplay between the subsurface and surface is what NF Cubed defines in business terms as Technical and Non-Technical risk.


Our team promotes that the management of each is not in isolation or independent of each other, but rather that the prudent management and meshing of both together, delivers timely success onshore for our clients.


NF Cubed has assembled an integrated “one stop” onshore service providing a new generation of centralised onshore energy solutions, technical and non-technical project management & services expertise:


Our service has been designed around the providing support to our clients across the full cycle of needs related to boreholes related to energy, specifically;


  • Conventional Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

  • Shale Gas

  • Coal Bed Methane or Coal Seam Gas (CBM or CSG)

  • Gas Storage

  • Underground Coal Gasification (UCG)

  • Geothermal

  • By-product Disposal Boreholes


The service has been brought together through 10 years of UK & European onshore Operator and Service company experience; we are a team that have worked well together through many projects and are confident in the value of a jointly presented service.


If having explored our website you would like to discuss your project needs with us – please do submit an online contact form and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.

The complete services package for onshore development.....

Management Services

Project Management

Outsourced Operations Management


Technical Support Services

Asset Evaluation & Application

Geology & Subsurface

Well Engineering

Site Construction & Civils

Project Commissioning


Non Technical Services

Land Management

Surface Management & Planning


Health & Safety



Design, Marketing & PR


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