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NF Cubed Ltd - Graphic Design & Marketing based in Edinburgh


NF Cubed Ltd - Graphic Design & Marketing based in Edinburgh
Digital Mapping



Technical Drawing

Planning Application & EIA Drawings


Logo Design

Marketing Materials

Business Card Design

Company Stationary

Online & Website Design

Nick Forgan has spent many years working directly within the energy sector for both onshore operators and service companies.  NF Cubed can offer a freelance oil and gas Technical Assistant (TA) role which is ideal for small E&P, Minnows and Mid-cap companies that do not need a permanent TA in place.


Nick has helped support many areas of the oil and gas industry with experience supporting drilling, production, business development, subsurface, planning, land management, stakeholder and community engagement.  Some of the skills and services NF Cubed can also bring are listed below with examples of work.


NF Cubed also holds the services formally offered by Pickering URC, we have assembled an integrated “one stop” onshore service providing a new generation of centralised onshore energy solutions, technical and non-technical project management & services expertise.  You can find out more about these services here.

Company branding is vital to being visible in your business field while promoting your company values.  NF Cubed works closely with clients to develop their brand both online and in print.  Bringing an effective logo and brand to the market can leave a lasting first impression on potential business.  In a world that is more and more digital, sometimes there is nothing more effective than an impressive business card when meeting clients for the first time.  Click here for branding examples...

NF Cubed Ltd - Graphic Design & Marketing based in Edinburgh
Stakeholder Brochures

E-mail Marketing

Online Marketing

Annual Reports



NF Cubed Ltd - Graphic Design & Marketing based in Edinburgh
Investor Presentations

Stakeholder Presentations

Internal Presentations

Powerpoint Presentations

Prezi Presentations


NF Cubed prides itself on producing accurate mapping for energy operators.  This can be for investment presentations, in house discussion or external reports & applications.  We have multiple platform understanding and knowledge, allowing us to create the drawings in many applications to produce the best visual output. 

Click here for cartography examples...

Marketing and communicating effectively with stakeholders can be key to the onshore energy operator.  This includes councils, government, communities and landowners.  NF Cubed has experience of working directly in this environment knowing the language and visuals that communicate effectively with these audiences.  Honest and concise communication is what NF Cubed's marketing services are based.  Click here for marketing examples...

Powerful presentations can be a useful tool when trying to secure funding, or inform an audience of operations in their area.  A well designed, structured presentation can help maintain a professional appearance in the most pressurised of times.  Our creative design ideas and project management background makes sure of a structured overview at all times.  Click here for presentation examples...

Graphical communication of operations we believe is vital in the progress of onshore unconventional operations.  Being able to provide this information, to scale, tells the story to the audience based on fact.  Very often a graphic or animation much better decribes operations and educates the audience.  Click here for animation & infographic examples...

NF Cubed are experienced in providing well designed exhibition materials and stands.  The combination of good graphic design and content writing provides a professional exhibition space that delivers the clients information to the audience.  

Click here for exhibition examples...

NF Cubed Ltd - Graphic Design & Marketing based in Edinburgh
Exhibition Design

Exhibition Content Writing 

Model Building

Promotional Materials

Exhibition Websites


NF Cubed - Graphic Design & Marketing Services based in Edinburgh
2D Animation

3D Animation


Animation & Infographics

What we can do for you.....

NF Cubed Ltd - Graphic Design & Marketing based in Edinburgh

Project Management


Define the Work Breakdown Structure

Identify the Organisational Breakdown Structure

Integrate the WBS & OBS


Schedule the Work

Deliverables & Milestones

Setting Time Phased Budgets


Determine Variances

Sum Data Variances

Manage Action Plans

Nick is a qualified PRINCE 2 practitioner with 8 years experience working in the energy sector. He has worked on major CBM developments in Europe and assisted in the project management of Composite Energy licences prior to its sale to Dart Energy, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer.  Having worked in multiple roles, in different disciplines within the unconventional industry, Nick has a wide range of experience allowing him to structure and maintain project goals. Nick has extensive knowledge of surface operations in relation to onshore energy development with experience in land strategies to support an onshore drilling programme. He has assisted in the management of teams of project consultants throughout the UK in delivering onshore drilling and production sites.


We help our clients prepare for and execute onshore hydrocarbon and energy projects, holding to the principle of one integrated master investment and project plan, working with teams using tried and tested project management structure by addressing the following core questions: 

What does “done” look like?  How do we get there?  Do we have enough time, resources, and money to get there? What impediments will we encounter along the way?  How do we know we are making progress?

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